We are going to write an interview. We have asked some questions about the Crisis to a famous state agent.

Q-What year has started the housing crisis?
A- The crisis began a be felt in late 2007, it was more acute in 2008 and 2009 has been the worst so far.

Q-Why was the crisis?
A-Well, I do not know if you not explain it well, but mainly by mortgage loans were so hihghthat banks and facilities were to pay. That could not be sustained long.

Q-Have you noticed much of the crisis?
A-Lot, nothing is sold.

Q-And this is going to last long?
A-Well, I'd most liketo know, but what say the experts, it will last another year.

Q-And what do they need to buy an apartment?
A-Then, wait for it to repair this bad time and often go to a rental.

Q-And rents, are low price?
A-No, but do not relyon the banks, and this gives them more security.

Q-Have you ever, I heard you say that now is the best time to buy?
A-Of course, is you don't need to request a credit bank fon completeness, then you have the rest of the money, now find many opportunities.

Q-But, why?
A-Because now, people is selling and the price drops significantly.

Q-How can downgrade an apartament?
A-It depends on the rush to have the seller, but in general it can be 15% or 20%.

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